"My business is helping the brain injured and their families."

Our Commitment

Perry Fisher Asheville, NC AttorneyWe are committed to helping people. Our passion is seeking justice and fairness before the law. Our goal is to make the community a better, safer and more just place because of our efforts.

We are committed to providing value to our clients by providing professional skills, passion and an understanding of our clients' needs to deliver quality, effective representation.

We value our clients. Our clients deserve to have their questions answered in a straightforward, honest and understandable way. We will conduct ourselves with integrity and expect the same from our clients. If you do not have a case, we will tell you. We will not pose meritless claims or defenses. Any claims and defenses which we pose will be based on the law and in good faith.

As attorneys, our clients come to us because they want answers. Our clients come to us with severe or disabling injuries. The brain is the only organ in the body that does not regrow. The survivors of the traumatically brain injured are not only faced with a tragedy to a loved one, but they also have to pick up all the pieces. They want to know two things: How did this happen; and how can we prevent this from happening to someone else.

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