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Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle which is travelling 32 mph in a crash subjects it riders to the same forces as a fall from a 3 story building. When a motorcycle hits an object, it stops, but the brain inside the skull continues to travel at the original speed until it hits with full force against the inside of the skull. Because of the physical dynamics of how the brain rests within the skull, even a crash at low speeds can often have severe consequences. Motorcycles do not have crush zones and the rider typically absorbs the full brunt of the impact.

Riding a motorcycle does not give other drivers the right to ignore the rules of the road. People who ignore the rules of the road will hit a motorcycle even if the motorcycle has its lights on, the rider is wearing a helmet and the motorcycle is clearly visible. Some people try to increase their being noticed by inattentive drivers by operating a louder motorcycle. Few strategies help against inattentive drivers who use bad driving judgment.

Unlike four-wheeled vehicles, a two-wheeled motorcycle cannot react the same in a crash or emergency situation. In most instances, laying the bike down is not an option – especially in “t-bone” crash events such as when someone runs a stop sign. A motorcyclist who lays his or her bike down risks sliding under the wheels of the inattentive driver. Studies show that riders are safer when they stay on the motorcycle.

As attorneys, our clients come to us because they want answers. Our clients come to us with severe or disabling injuries. The brain is the only organ in the body that does not regrow. The survivors of the traumatically brain injured are not only faced with a tragedy to a loved one, but they also have to pick up all the pieces. They want to know two things: How did this happen; and how can we prevent this from happening to someone else.

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